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Newsletter - October 13, 2020

Video Review: The Most Natural Skincare Product!

Crystal Escobar, the Wannabe Balanced Mom, says her skin is finally clearing up from acne! She uses Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm and moisturizes her face with it. She demonstrates and describes the balm. It's soft and easy to apply. It makes her skin feel really nice, clean, and soft when she puts it on, and it smells great. She also uses it as hand lotion. Tallow is the most natural ingredient for skin care.

Crystal also points out that using tallow supports the no-waste mentality of using every part of the animal. Here at Vintage Tradition, we're proud to give conscientious ranchers income for the suet that might otherwise be discarded!

Thanks for your testimonial, Crystal!

See Crystal's whole video here.

She adds, "I've struggled with acne ever since I hit puberty. Last year I switched over to a plant-based diet and my skin got progressively WORSE. I even tried drinking celery juice every day for almost a year and my skin was the worst it's ever been. So I gave up on that and took a different approach."

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