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The product from [another company] feels greasy and doesn't seem to absorb as well. I'm really sensitive, and your product seems natural. Using [the other company's] product is like using margarine instead of butter! I feel like washing the [other] product off, whereas your product seems nourishing.
—Customer in Australia

Wonderful Customer Service!!
I had a little problem opening a new account. I got in touch with Vintage Tradition about it. It was almost instantly that I received an email back saying they were talking care of the issue. Wow!! He even emailed 2 more times, the last, letting me know problem solved! I was very impressed to say the least. Talk about great customer service! It's good to know I'm purchasing from a company that appreciates their customers. I'll be using their luscious tallow balms as long as they are available. I'd be a very unhappy camper if I couldn't!!!
Kay Britton in Product Reviews

Top-of-the-line quality product
You can tell this balm is made from real ingredients! When I put it on, my dogs go crazy! It feels wonderful on my skin and is very nourishing. The package arrived very quickly and was packaged nicely. I love that the balm came in a beautiful, deep blue glass jar. It will keep very well in this jar! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and nourishing way to care for their skin.
Allison in Product Reviews

All You Need
I have to give the creator of this product a huge shout out because he got it right. So all the ingredients sounded great until I realized there was olive oil in the product and as I am sure you are aware that most olive oils are cut with canola oil...Yikes...trust me..not good! So I checked out the olive oil that he uses and sure enough he uses an amazing olive oil company that absolutely does not cut their oil with ANYTHING!! In today's day and age of short cuts..this product ROCKS!!! I am a truly grateful customer!
kelly in Product Reviews

This company has that rare combination of excellent product, honest service and heart. Love this company!
Lois T. Bradley on Facebook

The company has fantastic customer service - they respond quickly with any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!
Grateful Mom on amazon.com

My husband and I love what you do. Your products are amazing and have introduced me, and other family members through me, to a new healthy skincare routine. Being selective in your ingredients is a much appreciated and respected business practice. We believe in supporting small business owners in general but especially so when they are so open, honest, and forthcoming about everything about their product, right down to the jars and not allowing the product to ever touch plastic. You encompass ALL dimensions of providing a healthy, safe product.
—Trisha, New Jersey

I'm writing to let you know how much I've enjoyed your Tallow Balm. I was impressed by your choice of brand for essential oils, by the way; not everyone might realize how much more expensive they are than essential oils of lesser quality, yet you chose to use them. To me that spoke of a commitment to quality over maximizing profits at any cost. I have had the opportunity to use the balms for only a couple of days, but already my skin looks wonderful. It had felt a bit dry and crepey lately, especially around the eyes, and the Tallow Balm almost immediately restored its plumpness and luster. I suspect this is due to the fact that other creams, even when "organic", etc., are still irritating to the skin and may cause a low-grade inflammation. The Tallow Balm is of very high quality and actually does a better job than any of my (much more expensive) eye creams!
—Lilian, Evanston, Illinois

Thank you for your very good product and for being very conscious of what you are putting out on the market. I truly am happy to have a great lotion for my toddler that it is safe for her to eat too (she loves to lick cream off her fingers)!!
—Wendy, Lander, Wyoming

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