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Great quality, remarkably good value, whole-family solution
Our whole family loves using Vintage Traditions products. The tallow base they offer in all their products is an incredible ingredient, they clearly take great care and effort to produce something of exceptional quality. Good old fashion solutions to health and wellness are always the best. The balm is the only thing we've found for dad and 1yo's eczema.The soap is in our shower. We're experimenting with the specialized balms, the sample sizes are perfect.
Micah F. in Product Reviews

I absolutely LOVE your natural products!!! My skin looks so good ever since I started using the unscented tallow balm and epic balm. I have zero breakouts, zero dryness, zero oil on my skin and my face. I have extremely sensitive skin..your products are the only items i can use. I despise chemicals and poisons from big companies who charge outrageous fees to harm the population due to their greed. Your company is all natural, reasonably priced, and I will be a customer FOR LIFE!!!
Rebecca R. in Product Reviews

WOW is the word !!!!!!
I can't believe how much better my skin feels using the bar soap and I bought a large jar of the almost unscented for my husband and his skin issues. I've been using my free sample of citrus balm and it soaks right into my skin like magic. Thank you for a product that does what you say it will do. I've been using another Brands products and I was disappointed so as a last resort I thought I'd try your products. So glad I did because it really does work!!!! Thank You!!!
—Kim E.

Great product and amazing customer service!
I absolutely love this tallow balm. I have purchased multiple orders and will continue to do so. I love how this company actually CARES about the ingredients they put into their products - like using genuine, 100% EVOO. Honest brands, that care about consumer's health, are hard to come by. Highly recommend vintage tradition!
Malerey V. in Product Reviews

Great product and even better company
This review goes far beyond this superior balm. When I first heard of Vintage Traditions, I was intrigued and was ready to buy a lot of product. I do consume a lot of meat and even though with all these 5 star testimonies, I did not need any convincing to know that Tallow does wonders for your skin. I placed an order that came up to approx $200USD which equated to $265CAD as I am located in Canada. As I placed my order, a few minutes after I was contacted by Vintage Traditions, and they had mention that I could purchase their product with one of their partners in Canada which would save me significant money in taxes and duty fees. I thought that was completely first class by this company, as many other companies would be happy to place the order and take money. They refunded my order and sent me a link to where I can purchase their product which ended up saving me approx $150CAD in taxes and duty fees. Vintage Tradition is a great company with integrity and a superior product. I have been using their balm and soap for over a week now and I have discarded all my other many products, like face wash and cream, body wash and shampoo. My skin also looks and feels better than I can remember. I also use it on my daughters and they absolutely love it, Thank you Vintage Traditions!
Jason in Product Reviews

Great Product & Company!
What impressed me just as much as the product itself is the exceptional customer service provided by Vintage Tradition. From the moment I reached out with a few questions, their responsiveness and genuine care were evident. They promptly answered my inquiries, provided detailed information about the product, and recommendations. I will definitely be a returning customer!!
Samantha D. in Product Reviews

Best Lip Balm EVER!!!
Seriously this company is one of a kind. I've been using the products for over a month and just nothing shy of amazing on all fronts. I use this lip balm in the morning and once at night and my lips haven't been more moisturized throughout the day. Zero chapped lips, just amazing.
Lesa L. in Product Reviews

Amazing company!
This product not only smells amazing, but it also feels fantastic! I have fairly sensitive and very dry skin, and this product doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever, and it's the only product I have found that keeps my skin moisturized. I'm only on my second jar, but I plan to continue purchasing for years to come. The customer service is also phenomenal. They quickly responded to my questions, and were a pleasure to correspond with.
Karisa in Product Reviews

Great product and company
Excellent product. Unscented, easy to apply, and a little bit goes a long way. Also, their customer service is amazing. I've never received such prompt assistance leading to a positive resolution before. Highly recommend this product and brand!

Okay can I just say that this is the best customer service I have ever experienced?! Not only are you so quick to respond, you are incredibly accommodating, informative, and helpful! Pardon me for being so surprised but this is such a refreshing and nice interaction when customer service can be so complicated and frustrating on both ends sometimes.

I love this whole line of products. The mild manly scent is nice and clean and not overwhelming. What I love about this line is that they are primarily tallow so they really absorb completely and leave my hands soft. I have tried other products that include beeswax and jojoba in their formula and I find they sit on the skin rather than absorb. Treat yourself and heal your persistently dry skin!
Nate G. in Product Reviews

Just stocked up again. I love using Epic Glow AND the quality of care given by the people providing it. I enjoyed using Almost Unscented for years and finally took the plunge on Epic Glow when a reviewer said it DIDN'T smell fishy. It doesn't! Thanks a million for your honest products.
Linda in Product Reviews

My Favorite
I finally found my gold standard cream. The tallow is a game changer for my skin. It absorbs better than any of the numerous plant based ones that I've tried over the years and my skin stays more pliant and does not feel dry again so soon after application. I have ordered several in a variety of scents and the Citrus Shine is my run away favorite. I use this on my whole body, not just my face. Also, my experience with customer support was A+++. Great company, great products! I'll be back for more.
Eva in Product Reviews

Best In Class!
I LOVE these chapsticks and my lips want no other brand! These products are best in class and worth every penny! Vintage Tradition is an amazing company. Their customer service is exceptional! I am a forever happy customer!

So good for your skin
I love Epic Glow. It was recommended to me because I had stitches on my face and I was told it would help the healing. And it really did. Other products were irritating but this felt so good. My scars aren't as bad as I expected them to be and I think it's from using this. I haven't had any pimples while using this either. I am going to keep using this on my face even though I am all healed up. I also can't wait to try the other kinds from vintage traditions. I had never heard of tallow balm before this but now I am hooked. I've tried other brands but they don't compare to this brand.
—Crystyl Craig

Easily my favorite scent so far
I've been using tallow on my skin for years, but Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm is next level. Not sure if it's their rendering process or what, but my facial skin soaks it up like it's nothing! No greasiness, just balanced, clean skin. This scent [Embrace] in particular is very therapeutic - almost regal - as well. Definitely one of my favorites!
April in Product Reviews

Great balm!!!
This is a great, healthy lip balm!! Finally - a balm that is safe even if it gets in your mouth!! The company Vintage Tradition is also great!! They sound like they have done ALOT of research into skin on the face and what is good for it and what is not good for it and how it accepts or rejects products etc. They answered SO MANY questions that I had about their products and my sensitive skin!! There is a lot of product for a nice price and a little goes a long way!! It is the FIRST lip balm I've ever tried (and trust me - I've tried it all!) that I didn't have to re-apply every 5 minutes! It lasts a long time on your lips, without feeling yucky. It's great lip balm!! And I'm in the process of trying the balm for my face - so far, so good!! Thankyou guys and thanks for making a GREAT PRODUCT!!!

I love and crave simplicity and this tallow balm is amazing and simple. In the Buffalo, NY winter I use more. In the summer, I use less. I use it on my face, my hair (just the ends, as my lightweight curly hair had only take that much), my knees and elbow and lips. It is fabulous and has ZERO chemicals. I dare you to find a product that can boast that. It's amazing ; I love knowing that all part of animal are being used and loved. I thank the animals each time I use this tallow. FABULOUS product! well, well, well worth the cost!

I have been a Vintage Tradition customer for four years. I've used Sensible, Windswept, Pretty Girly, Outdoor Spice, and I think I've ordered all of your samples. I use Totally Unscented every day, twice a day, as my eye cream, and then one your scented versions for my face and body. I will not use anything else. You truly produce a trustworthy and effective product. On my last order, I tried the Citrus Shine, and I am in love! It smells absolutely wonderful! The scent I had been hoping for! I also ordered a tube of Vanilla Bean as a lip balm that does not require my putting my fingers in a container -THANK YOU!- and one sample each of Lavender Fields and Peppermint Stick (which I keep on hand for massage of strains or to rub on my temples when I get a headache). As always, the Tallow Balm itself works wonders, but these scents are absolute heaven. The world is going through an awful patch of late, and it just seemed to me that sharing good vibes might be helpful. So thank you for everything you are doing.
—Emily, Wakefield, Massachusetts

I have been an avid Vintage Tradition user for three years now. I love their products! There are no crazy chemicals that go into them, they are completely affordable, they ship directly to me and MOST of all my skin looks and feels FANTASTIC! I am in that age bracket where you must moisturize or die And so thankful to have discovered VT. At my last facial, the esthetician Could not believe that my skin was so healthy and soft with very little sun damage. Keep rockin!!!!
Tam in Product Reviews

This [Pretty Girly] tallow balm smells AMAZING! I honestly wouldn't care how it smelled because this is such an incredible skin product so the scent is just an added bonus. I will say, it fades pretty quick, so I reapply whenever I want another whiff of this goodness, but people who are sensitive to scents would be happy with this. The balm itself made my face and hands as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom, no exaggeration. I had some bumps and peeling from a retinol cream I've been using, and this stuff had my skin clear, soft, and glowing after a couple of uses. I just placed a second order for some full sizes. I love that I was able to try all the scents in a sample size before committing to the full size. Definitely a 5-star product! Packaging, shipping, and communication was 5-star as well, highly, highly recommend this company and their products!
Nicole Pradt in Product Reviews

The Holy Grail of Skin Care!
I've tried making my own tallow for moisturizer and it doesn't come close to the quality and consistency of Vintage Traditions. I lived in Colorado Springs for Years and feel very close to this company as well, as if I'm supporting my local small business still. If ever I am out of this product, i start getting oily skin and blemishes again. The tallow is truly balanced to heal my skin no matter what season it is. Try it! You'll love it.
—Brittany Hubble

Love everything about this
I like all the Vintage products, but [Rugged Cliff] is my favorite scent. I bought several sample sizes to share with friends so they can see what an amazing all-purpose cream this is. I use this as a face cream in the winter, and as a hand and lip cream all year round. Not only is the product great, but the service is speedy and the customer service awesome. I'm a fan.
violachic in Product Reviews

The product from [another company] feels greasy and doesn't seem to absorb as well. I'm really sensitive, and your product seems natural. Using [the other company's] product is like using margarine instead of butter! I feel like washing the [other] product off, whereas your product seems nourishing.
—Customer in Australia

Wonderful Customer Service!!
I had a little problem opening a new account. I got in touch with Vintage Tradition about it. It was almost instantly that I received an email back saying they were talking care of the issue. Wow!! He even emailed 2 more times, the last, letting me know problem solved! I was very impressed to say the least. Talk about great customer service! It's good to know I'm purchasing from a company that appreciates their customers. I'll be using their luscious tallow balms as long as they are available. I'd be a very unhappy camper if I couldn't!!!
Kay Britton in Product Reviews

Top-of-the-line quality product
You can tell this balm is made from real ingredients! When I put it on, my dogs go crazy! It feels wonderful on my skin and is very nourishing. The package arrived very quickly and was packaged nicely. I love that the balm came in a beautiful, deep blue glass jar. It will keep very well in this jar! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and nourishing way to care for their skin.
Allison in Product Reviews

All You Need
I have to give the creator of this product a huge shout out because he got it right. So all the ingredients sounded great until I realized there was olive oil in the product and as I am sure you are aware that most olive oils are cut with canola me..not good! So I checked out the olive oil that he uses and sure enough he uses an amazing olive oil company that absolutely does not cut their oil with ANYTHING!! In today's day and age of short cuts..this product ROCKS!!! I am a truly grateful customer!
kelly in Product Reviews

This company has that rare combination of excellent product, honest service and heart. Love this company!
—Lois T. Bradley on Facebook

The company has fantastic customer service - they respond quickly with any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!
—Grateful Mom

My husband and I love what you do. Your products are amazing and have introduced me, and other family members through me, to a new healthy skincare routine. Being selective in your ingredients is a much appreciated and respected business practice. We believe in supporting small business owners in general but especially so when they are so open, honest, and forthcoming about everything about their product, right down to the jars and not allowing the product to ever touch plastic. You encompass ALL dimensions of providing a healthy, safe product.
—Trisha, New Jersey

I'm writing to let you know how much I've enjoyed your Tallow Balm. I was impressed by your choice of brand for essential oils, by the way; not everyone might realize how much more expensive they are than essential oils of lesser quality, yet you chose to use them. To me that spoke of a commitment to quality over maximizing profits at any cost. I have had the opportunity to use the balms for only a couple of days, but already my skin looks wonderful. It had felt a bit dry and crepey lately, especially around the eyes, and the Tallow Balm almost immediately restored its plumpness and luster. I suspect this is due to the fact that other creams, even when "organic", etc., are still irritating to the skin and may cause a low-grade inflammation. The Tallow Balm is of very high quality and actually does a better job than any of my (much more expensive) eye creams!
—Lilian, Evanston, Illinois

Thank you for your very good product and for being very conscious of what you are putting out on the market. I truly am happy to have a great lotion for my toddler that it is safe for her to eat too (she loves to lick cream off her fingers)!!
—Wendy, Lander, Wyoming

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