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Newsletter - April 29, 2021

Video Review - Tallow Balm: "I Never Go Without It"

Morgan in Oregon tells us about one of her most favorite products that she can't go without, her Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm, which she loves so much. She has really dry skin, especially on her hands, which have felt like sandpaper. She has used lotions and creams, but she doesn't like the greasiness and unnatural ingredients, which is why she is happy to have found Tallow Balm. It works better than anything she has ever tried before. She uses it on her body, face, hands, arms, and legs. She never goes without it! She loves all of the varieties, especially Vanilla Bean. Her 15-month-old boy has eczema and sometimes gets bad diaper rash, and the Tallow Balm takes care of the diaper rash in only a day. It is the only thing she will use or has used on him, and it works amazingly! It has been really helpful for his eczema. Morgan loves it, she can't say enough good things about it, and she really recommends that you try it.

Thanks for your testimonial, Morgan!

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