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Newsletter - April 5, 2020

Video Review: "Tallow Balm Works Wonders!"

Rachel Martinez from Southern California says Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm skin care is great! Her family had been using a different brand of tallow-based skincare. [Vintage Tradition is the original! See Why Vintage Tradition Is The Best -Editor] She says that Vintage Tradition is less expensive and better! She likes the texture, the spreadability, and the large selection of scents. It works wonders! Rachel uses it on her daughter's eczema and on her own hands and face, and her husband uses it. She is a stay-at-home mom that does a lot of dishes, and Tallow Balm has saved her hands! She used to get cracked skin and a lot of bleeding from the dry skin, but after using Tallow Balm, her hands have healed unlike with any lotion. Rachel's family will not go back to lotions. She gets Totally Unscented for her daughter's sensitive skin plus Vanilla Bean and Lavender Fields, which is their favorite. They are all fantastic. You have to try them out. Tallow Balm works wonders!

Thanks for your testimonial, Rachel!

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